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Opioid Epidemic: We support Chief Peter Volkmann for Sheriff and his rehabilitation and recovery approach to saving lives.

Economic Development depends on

Environmental Protection: We are a River Community.  At Stuyvesant’s August Town Board meeting we citizens convinced a reluctant Town Supervisor to pass a resolution demanding the EPA and GE to continue the clean up of PCBs in our River.  We need clean air, water and fish.  Environmental crises like the PCBs, PFOAs, mercury, the TCI fire, floods like Irene and Lee, put a damper on investment.  Neighboring towns are already ahead of us as Climate Smart Communities and Energy Smart Communities.  We need a Town Board that will take Climate Change and resilient development “head-on”, not “heads-in-sand”.
    Activate the Conservation Advisory Council and create an Economic Task Force.

Broadband not “Broad-bandaids”: Why do residents with businesses to run have no service when fiberoptic cable runs up the rail line and Route 9?  Let’s fight for affordable public access.

Infrastructure: Advocate to preserve our iconic, historic Stuyvesant Falls bridge, and to reopen and repair the Schoolhouse Road and Ridge Road railroad bridge.  Our community needs to be connected.

Justice: In the Town Court there are two major and related issues: fairness and impartiality.  A Town Judge must be above even the appearance of partisan influence.  The ability to deal fairly with the kinds of issues that come before a Town Court demand the ability to listen closely, think clearly and respond fairly.  It’s not merely a question of who “wins” or “loses” on a point of law, but that those who appear before the court leave recognizing that they have received a fair and complete hearing of their case, and the judgement has been based on the merits of the case, explained to them in such a way that they can understand the application of the law to their situation.  This approach breeds both respect for the process of the law, and also a feeling of being part of a community that cares about fair treatment and comes together to bring about the best resolution of conflicts which everyone involved feels comfortable abiding by.

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