Stuyvesant Democrats

Women know the value of living in the Hudson River Valley.

We  have  a  lot  on  our  plate  every  day:  working,  raising  families,  caring  for  elders,  running businesses and family farms, volunteering, and often, all of the above!  We all know neighbors who have lost a home and may even have taken in someone who lost a job.

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand believes that women’s skills and input are critical to get our county and our country out of the economic recession. The Senator wants Stuyvesant women at the table making decisions for economic recovery in our Town and in our County.

That’s  why  Senator  Gillibrand  has  endorsed  Lee  Jamison  in  her  race  for Supervisor in the Town of Stuyvesant.

When women get involved, we offer our unique talents and ideas to solve real problems in our communities and beyond.  When women don’t have a place at the table, when we don’t have a voice in the process, decisions are made for us that we may not like.

In Columbia County, the Town Supervisor also functions as a County Legislator. Right now, there  are  only  5  women  Supervisors  on  the  23-member  Columbia  County  Board  of Supervisors.

A  vote  for  Lee  Jamison  as  Town  Supervisor  is  a  vote  for  strong  women  in Columbia County Government!

Women need jobs.
We  can  encourage  and  mentor  women  at  all  income  levels  to  pursue  better  economic opportunities that will help them support their families. We can improve opportunities for small businesses and education by supporting rural broadband access.

Women are communicators.
Government needs to be transparent and accessible. Meetings should be covered and posted in various media, and the town could issue a quarterly newsletter.

Women know the value of living in the Hudson River Valley.
Public access to the river is key to develop tourism, recreation, sports, efficient transportation and the businesses to service them. We need to work together as a County for a Comprehensive Waterfront Plan.

Women manage household budgets.
Citizens have the right to know where the money comes from, and how it is spent. We need clear, readable, Town and County budgets, with monthly reports so we aren't blind-sided by shortfalls.

Women feel cuts in the safety net.
Women carry the bulk of family and elder care, often in addition to paid work. With 1,000 Columbia County residents coming eligible for Medicare next year, we can't afford 30% cuts.
Our elders and our special needs neighbors deserve dignified care. Caregivers who earn living wages support the local economy.

Women are consensus builders.
Mediation can save us money over costly litigation. We need a functioning Ethics Committee on the County level.

"We can do it!” I need your vote on Tuesday November 8th

"We can do it!”
Kirsten Gillibrand endorses Lee Jamison
Town government needs women!
County government needs women!

A vote for Lee is a vote for the strong women of Stuyvesant