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Ned Depew “As Supervisor I would bring the same dedication that I have brought to all my work: to educated and train myself to do the best job of which I am capable.  Rather than imposing pre-formed solutions on our problems, I will seek to learn by listening to all stakeholders, bring them together and work to reach collaborative solutions that all can support.  I interpret the phrase "public service" literally, and that is what I will do as Supervisor: identify the issues that are important to Stuyvesant residents and actively engage, personally and with the community, to acquire the resources and develop responses that will work to make things better.”

Leigh Widjeskog of Sharptown Road comes to the Town Clerk race with over a decade of experience in healthcare and direct advocacy on behalf of senior citizens as a business analyst for the NYS EPIC program.  An Ichabod Crane graduate and progressive Democrat, Widjeskog has a deep appreciation for the cultural and agricultural assets of Stuyvesant.  She hopes to bring a fresh, modern, service-oriented approach to the position of Town Clerk.

Bill Schneider, Town Council, a resident of Stuyvesant Falls, was born and raised in Columbia County and recently retired as High School Principal after a three-decade career in the Ichabod Crane School system.  As principal he had a demanding job that required that he listen and work with all kinds of people, finding fair solutions to emotionally charged issues.  He is on the board of Valatie Rescue Squad and Camp Sloane YMCA, and volunteers for Habitat for Humanity locally.

Lee Jamison, Town Council, was raised on a dairy farm in the Hudson Valley and has lived in Stuyvesant for 35 years.  She has a Masters degree in Social Work and provides therapy for people with Disabilities from Camphill Village and COARC.  She has been an advocate for them and for environmental and community grassroots projects - the Depot Restoration, trail building at Hummel Park, Stuyvesant Pathways community action advisory council , Riverkeeper Shoreline Cleanups, and as Kinderhook Memorial Library Trustee.

Nancy Thomas, Town Justice, has lived in Stuyvesant for 25 years.  She served with the Red Cross after 9/11 as a Service Coordinator in the aftermath of the tragedy in lower Manhatten, is a past member of Columbia County’s Emergency Management team and is extensively trained with the Red Cross Disaster Relief program.  Nancy worked for many years in Human Services and Customer Relations sector while raising her family.  As a mother of four sons she has a wealth of experience in the resolution of disputes and the administration of justice.  Nancy is familiar with the law and has two attorneys and a judge in her family.

Melanie Donahoe, Town Justice, is a life-long resident of the Hudson Valley, a homeowner, business woman and mother in Stuyvesant Falls.  “I am a quick learner, and have always been avid to acquire new knowledge and skills.  I look forward to the knowledge I will gain in this position.  I will certainly avail myself of all the training that is available through the State of New York and professional associations to achieve my goal: to be a Judge who is outstanding in her grasp of the issues, respect for all the individuals involved, and with fairness for all who appear before me.”

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