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Three top issues facing Stuyvesant

Fiscal Responsibility Two years ago the Incumbent Board and Supervisor accused me and my fellow Democrats of wanting to raise taxes 5%. Once elected, they raised taxes over 18%. If elected I promise to be a watchdog and steward of the tax payers' money. Every line in the budget needs to be scrutinized and eliminated if it is wasteful or not needed. I will not vote for tax increases just to go along with the majority of the Board, if there are ways to reduce expenditures.

Accountability The representatives of the Town need to be accountable to the public they serve. The Dog Camp is just one such issue. The Board did all in its power to eliminate a local business and in the process wasted over $250,000 in tax dollars. Board members need to act responsibly and not waste tax dollars because of partisan issues. As an elected representative I will vote for the best interests of the Stuyvesant community at large, and not just follow the lead of the majority. Being elected requires honesty, integrity and accountability.

Transparency The Elected officials of Stuyvesant have a long-standing practice of making decisions behind closed doors, of not releasing information in a timely manner and not making information available to the public. As a member of the Town Board I promise to provide the taxpayers with timely and accurate information regarding my activities related to town busines and will work to make public information available in a responsible and timely manner.

– Ed Kiernan, Candidate for Stuyvesant Town Board

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